What is Adinlay?

Ah, the million dollar question! Adinlay is an app that allows you (the brilliant ambassador, or brilliant brand depending on who’s viewing!) to partner with one another – and combining engaging content with stickers, hashtags, or creative challenges.


TLDR; Branded ambassadors partner up, branded graphics are added to photos, content is posted - bucks are earned!

How does it work?

Another great question! 10+ points for you!  

If you’re a brand we’ll work together to develop the best creative content to be applied to our talented ambassador's posts!

If you’re an ambassador simply download the app, connect your account and find the brands that you love, then edit your posts with the Adinlay app, and post away!

How many followers do ambassadors need to post a story using Adinlay? 

This is one of the great things about Adinlay (there’s many more, we promise!) – you can make cash no matter how many followers you have! 

Which brands use the platform? 

We have lots of great brands coming through our doors eager to partner with ambassadors – ranging from start-ups all the way to BIG name brands. Categories include food & drink, tech, music and more. There really is something for everyone! We’re growing our platform and partnerships as we speak and can’t wait to reveal more in the future! 

What platforms are currently supported?

We currently support Instagram and Facebook posts. Watch this space for future support! 

Which devices are supported? 

Devices running Android or iOS are supported. 
We’d strongly recommend against running Adinlay on a Tamogotchi, or any other handheld device not listed.

How do Ambassadors get paid? 

When a brand story is posted by an ambassador, an amount of credit is deposited into your Adinlay wallet. This can then be withdrawn to your chosen bank or institute ready for spending!

Get those shoes you like – you’ve earned it! 


Are there any rules? 

Yes! Adinlay hopes to create a community of great people who can be a part of something much bigger – that unfortunately means that any bad eggs will be removed from the platform. Adinlay and It’s brands do not endorse or permit nudity, violence, negativity, illegal substances and anything else that could be considered as upsetting by any audience. As a general rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t share your story with your grandmother, please don’t share it on the platform!


Also, you wouldn't brag about something you didn't like, please only post about brands you believe in!


Misuse of the app and it’s services will result in a permanent ban.   


How can I get in touch? 

Please send any questions you may have to and one of our friendly team will 
do their very best to get back in touch within 24 hours. 


Didn’t find an answer to your question? We’re sorry! 

Please get in touch at the email above and we’ll do our best to help!